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Small Business Loans

Work hard. Make smart decisions. Think big. That's how successful Nevada business owners grow their enterprises. But sometimes the sweat of your brow isn't enough, and you need some financial muscle to power your best plans. That's when you should partner up with Financial Horizons and acquire capital for property, machinery, inventory and countless other needs.

Your motive is profit. Ours is to help you make one.

What does your business need to succeed? A good product or service. Good workers. And a good feel for when you need to invest in your enterprise. Financial Horizons offers lines of credit, real estate loans, and equipment and vehicle financing, all designed to grow your business and boost your bottom line.

Business Line of Credit

  • Revolving credit line that your business can access as often as needed
  • No restrictions on use of money
  • Variable interest rate based on prime rate plus 4%
  • Minimum monthly payment is 2% of the balance
  • Maximum credit limit is $30,000
  • No penalties for early payoff
  • Requires a personal guarantee
  • Monthly statements include description of advances taken

Commercial Vehicles and Equipment

  • Fixed interest rate for predictable monthly payments.
  • 20% down payment or equity is required
  • Maximum term is 84 months; unless longer term is approved by Business Loan Committee
  • No penalties for early payoff
  • Requires a personal guarantee
  • Members receive monthly statements

Commercial Real Estate

  • Competitive rates for commercial real estate purchases or refinances.
  • Terms include 15-year fixed-rate loan with seven-year balloon payment
  • Also available is a 5/5/5 adjustable rate loan. Rates change no more than 2% every five years
  • Low 1% origination fee
  • No penalties for early payoff
  • Maximum loan-to-value ratio is 70%

Financial Horizons Credit Union issues Commercial Real Estate loans for property located in Nevada. Though we do try to keep costs to a minimum, there may be charges for loan processing, documentation, appraisals, recording, and title searches.