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Horizons High Yield Savings Account

You see that word "yield," and your first thought might be to slow down. Don't do it. What you want to do is hurry full-speed to the nearest Financial Horizons branch in Nevada and get your money into an account that's guaranteed to reward you with dynamic dividends.


Big balances. Big returns. It's a big deal.

Got 10 grand sitting around? How about $50,000? Or $100,000? Great, please give it to us. Not to keep, but to deposit in an account that offers high rates for high rollers. The more you have, the more we'll pay in dividends. Intrigued? We think it's high time you yield to temptation.

  • Minimum required deposit is $10,000
  • Dividends paid for each day balance exceeds $10,000
  • Higher returns paid as balances reach $25,000, $50,000 and $100,000
  • Easy access to money, with six automated monthly withdrawals

You figure there must be a catch. You're right. But it's just a small one. You have to have an active checking account with us in order to take advantage of this grand plan.