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Sure, banking has changed. Electronic deposit and bill paying. Phone and digital access to accounts. At Financial Horizons Credit Union, we offer all these conveniences. But we're traditional in some ways. Our Nevada members still want a wide range of account options, low fees and high returns. And that's what we deliver.

Checking Accounts

Four options give you the flexibility to find the account that fits.

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Savings Accounts

Flex your financial muscles with savings options that build a strong core.

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Certificate Accounts & IRAs

Planning for retirement or a short-term goal starts with these accounts.

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Money Market Accounts

Get a higher rate than regular savings while maintaining anytime access.

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Online & Mobile Banking

You're on the go, so we make sure your accounts are always at hand.

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TIIM Audio Response

Dial "M" for money and check your accounts with our telephone banking system.

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