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RV Loan

Our definition of an RV goes beyond motor homes that you can sleep in. Horse trailers, travel trailers, ATVs, motorcycles and boats also qualify for our low-interest loans. So whether you prefer twin outboard engines, three beds or four hooves, it would be our pleasure to help bring enjoyment to your life.

Having fun has its costs. We can keep them under control.

Life can be struggle. Look for ways to cut loose. The price tag on that motor home or motorcycle might make your head spin. But remember, you're not paying for it all at once. With loan terms as long as six years, you can pay a little each month for a lot of years of enjoyment.

  • Loans available for motor homes, travel trailers, horse trailers, motorcycles, ATVs (quads), and boats
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Financing terms range from 24 months up to 72 months

The Kelley Blue Book is known for its detailed information on new and used car prices. But it also has valuable data on motor homes, motorcycles, personal watercraft and other vehicles. We offer our Nevada credit union members access to all this helpful info as part of the research process.