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Horizons High Yield Checking Account

Do you know what many of your Nevada neighbors are doing? They're paying monthly fees to their bank for the right to have a checking account. Do you know what you should be doing? The exact opposite. You need to find someone who will pay you sizable dividends based on your account balances. And just who might be that generous? Us, of course.

Deposit more. Earn more. Smile more.

Our Horizons High Yield Checking Account is a tiered account. That means the more you deposit, the higher the rate of return. We understand that $10,000 is no small sum of money, but if you can swing it we will make it worth your while.

  • Balances over $10,000 earn monthly dividends
  • Four separate tiers mean escalating rates of return
  • No limits on the number of monthly withdrawals or deposits
  • Manage accounts with Online and Mobile Banking

Here's an interesting fact for Financial Horizons Credit Union members in Nevada: The top tiers of Horizons High Yield Checking have a higher rate of return than the regular savings and Money Market accounts at most other banks and credit unions.