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Triple Option Share Certificates

Football's triple option allows a quarterback to evaluate a play as it unfolds. He can run the ball, hand it off or throw a pass. Our high-yield Triple Option lets you evaluate your unfolding financial landscape. You can add to your original deposit, take money out or go for a big gain with a higher interest rate. Better yet, no violent 250-pound man will hurry your decision.

It's all about choices. All of them good ones.

You start off with a high-yield Share Certificate. Choose terms from 24 to 60 months. The longer the time period, the higher the returns. But you're not stuck with your original commitment. The Triple Option offers flexibility that, over time, makes your investment look better. And better. And better.

  • Minimum balance is $2,500
  • Make additional deposits
  • Withdraw money once
  • Adjust your interest rate once
  • Interest is compounded daily
  • Dividends can be paid monthly or compounded monthly and paid at maturity.

So OK, there are limits to the flexibility. But not big ones. If you make a one-time withdrawal, you can't take out no more than half of the original deposit. Our Nevada members rely on the Triple Option as a their game plan for stronger savings.