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Dealer Direct Lending

What's fun about car shopping? Finding the vehicle you want in a color you love. What's not so much fun? The typical financing paperwork. Good news! You can get a low-cost Financial Horizons Credit Union auto loan right at the Nevada dealership. That means less stress, less paperwork and less time before you're heading home in your new ride.

Leave the dealer with a good loan. And before dark.

Car-shopping can turn into an all-day drag. Once you pick your vehicle and haggle over the price, you can spend several more hours applying for financing and awaiting an answer. With Dealer Direct Financing, the applications are electronic and the answers come quickly.

  • Get credit union loans right at the dealer
  • No paperwork necessary
  • Enjoy a faster financing process

Not all Nevada car dealers offer Financial Horizons loans. Look for those sporting the logo of the CUDL, a network of 1,100 credit unions and 11,000 auto dealers. Check the list of participating dealerships or call the dealership locator at 888-CUDIRECT(T).