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Young Adult Checking Account

Hey, Mr. and Ms. Millennial, it's time to grow up. You need a checking account that treats you like an adult. An account that pays you dividends for depositing a certain amount of money. An account that gives you and your considerable digital skills access to Online and Mobile Banking. An account just like this one.

You don't want to pay fees. We don't want you to, either.

Yes, you're tight on cash. Isn't everyone at your age? But the worst-case scenario with our Young Adult Checking is that you pay $3 a month in fees. Almost anyone in Nevada can scrape together three bucks. But the best-case scenario is you pay no fees at all. Here's how this works:

  • Available to young people ages 14 to 23
  • Access to Mobile and Online Banking
  • Get a free debit and ATM card
  • Collect dividends on your account by keeping a minimum balance of $500
  • Make five debit card purchases a month to avoid fees

Here's another reason for young people in Nevada to get Financial Horizon Credit Union's Young Adult Checking. You won't have any paper statements mailed to you each month. Instead, you'll get electronic eStatements that are better for the environment, cut down on clutter in your bedroom and give you fast, easy access to your account information.