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Club Accounts

No, we're not talking about funding the school Chess Club or paying a bar tab at a nightclub. Club accounts are great ways to save for something special - maybe a trip to the tropics, extra gifts under the Christmas tree, or a big-ticket item like a HDTV. Watch your money grow and your family smile when you reach your goal.

You've heard of a designated driver? This is designated money.

There are three types of club accounts with Financial Horizons. With a Vacation Club, you save all year for a great trip and we release your money the first week of June. With Christmas Club, you save all year for the holiday season, and we release your money the first week of November. The Custom Club allows you to come up with your own savings goals and time frame.

  • No monthly service fees
  • $5 minimum balance requirement
  • Earns higher interest than regular savings accounts
  • Unlimited number of deposits
  • Deposit by payroll deduction, direct deposit, mail or in person

Here's another great feature. Your Club Account will remain open even after we release your money. This allows you to start saving right away for the next trip, next Christmas or next big purchase. Club accounts help our Nevada members keep their eyes on the prize.